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We take pride in the fact that we are a Family Owned & Operated business.  Not only are we able to bring you high quality services and products at great prices, but we are able to meet each of our customers and get to know them on a personal level.  We are committed to keeping your business!


Tracy: Hair Specialist

Annie: Hair & Skin Specialist

Jennifer: Hair Specialist

Kim: Hair & Skin Care Specialist

Theresa: Hair Specialist

Tony: Hair Specialist


We like what we do. When people (or entire businesses) are happy it shows. We are passionate about making you feel and look great, and we hope that you are passionate about sharing it with others. We maintain our goal of keeping our customers happy by delivering high quality, great style, and beauty with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We hope you come and check out the family owned difference!


Our employees are like family too. It’s amazing the difference between working in a corporate or big business environment where everyone is there to simply collect a pay check versus a family run environment where the employees all work together for the good of the customers and the business.

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